Designer House

The Village Improvement Association of Doylestown was founded in 1895 to support and enhance the quality of life in Central Bucks County.  The VIA is perhaps best known for opening Doylestown Hospital in 1923.  Today, the organization has grown to more than 300 members and still pursues the goals of the founding members through service and education. The VIA’s largest fundraiser is the Bucks County Designer House & Gardens, a community event that draws 7,000 visitors each year. Every year their designer house committee spends countless hours transforming a beautiful home in Bucks County for the public to enjoy.

Designer House projects are a wonderful opportunity for Tile Gallerie to showcase the unique tiles and quality workmanship we offer by donating our design/installation skills and tile to help support this great local charity.   We enjoy participating in this successful, charitable endeavor and it is always a pleasure to meet and work with other local designers and the VIA who continue to do such wonderful work in the community.

31st Bucks County Designer House “Seven Gables” in 2006

32nd Bucks County Designer House “Foxbriar Farm at Peddler’s village” in 2007

44th Bucks County Designer House “Peppermint Farm” in 2019

45th Bucks County Designer House “Creekside” in 2020

46th Bucks County Designer House “Mearns Mill Manor” in 2021

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